The Awards Jury will be announced in the coming weeks. Please re-visit this page or look for our social media channels for forthcoming details.

Awards Jury

Jim Antonopoulos, Juror

Owner of Tank, Melbourne, Victoria

Kevin Blackburn, Juror

Founder of Made by Big, Brisbane, Queensland

Nancy Bugeja, Juror

Managing Director of HM Group, Melbourne, Victoria

Cherise Conrick, Juror

Creative Director and founder of TypeSpace#, Adelaide, South Australia

Rachel Doughty, Juror

Founder and Sole Director of
One Design, Auckland, New Zealand

Wade Jeffree, Juror

Self, Brooklyn, New York

Chris Jones, Juror

Founder and Creative Director of Switch, Auckland, New Zealand

Daniel Lever, Juror

Lead Developer at ED., Canberra, ACT

Jenny McLaren, Juror

Creative Director of Aer Design, Melbourne, Victoria

Kate Owen, Juror

Director & Senior Designer at Futago, Hobart, Tasmania

Abra Remphrey, Juror

Co-Creative Director & Founder of
Detour Design Studio, Adelaide, South Australia

Jo Roca, Juror

Creative Lead at For The People, Sydney, New South Wales

Andy Sargent, Juror

Creative Director and co-founder of SouthSouthWest, Melbourne, Victoria

Leta Sobierajski, Juror

Self, Brooklyn, New York

Specialist Jury

Warren Davies, Juror

Director of Pretty Neat, Melbourne, Victoria

Ian Haigh, Juror

Founder of Ketchup Partners, Sydney, New South Wales

Jonny Kofoed, Juror

Founding Partner and Director of Motion & Design at Assembly, Auckland, New Zealand

Tim Kotsiakos, Juror

Creative Director and Founder of MASS, Melbourne, Victoria

Kirby Lattice Vann, Juror

Freelance Art Director and Designer, Sydney, New South Wales

Ash Thompson, Juror

Head of Customer Success at Outfit, Brisbane, Queensland

Student Awards

Nathan Adams, Juror

Senior Designer at sector7g, Adelaide, South Australia

Olivia King, Juror

Multidisciplinary Designer at For The People, Sydney, New South Wales

George Randle, Juror

Co-founder and Digital Director of Band, Adelaide, South Australia

Owen Richards, Juror

Co-founder of Kid You Not, Melbourne, Victoria

Luke Scott, Juror

Designer at Alt Group, Auckland, New Zealand

Adele Tarnawski, Juror

Senior Strategist at Re, Sydney, New South Wales

Tina Victoria, Juror

Designer & Illustrator, Melbourne, Victoria

Josie Young, Juror

Designer at Christopher Doyle & Co., Sydney, New South Wales

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